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Sell Your Home Fast!!


Want to sell your home Fast  and still get a fair price, even if it needs lot's of repairs?


Put your problems in our Hands and we will Handle them with Care.




OUR PLEDGE : We at 24 Hour Home Buyer's promise to be 100% honest with you. We will not promise anything that we cannot deliver. We are here to help you and educate you, whether you use our service or not. There are never any upfront fee's.  We promise to keep all of our conversation completely private, unless we ask for your permission to post a testimony after you are completely satisfied with our service. We respect your privacy 100%.  Our goal is to help you make an informed, intelligent and Confident Decision during a time of possible confusion.



     Jeanne Towne, President 

  •  We are a private investment company who creates win win situations for  people  who have fallen into difficult situations, such as divorce, foreclosure, loss of job, illness or any other unfortunate circumstance. 

       Whatever the case may be, we have a solution for you, the homeowner.

  • We have several programs that are taylored to fit each individual need.


  • Our Mission is to tailered your personal needs to a solution we can provide, that results in quicker than traditional     selling methods.


  • We will put everything in writing and guarantee the sale of your homeWe are not Realtors, we are Real Estate Professionals who knows what it takes to sell homes quickly! We handle all of the paperwork! In some cases we may take over all of the debt relating to the home to stop your credit from getting destroyed. This will allow you to be at peace, so you can focus on a fresh start.

  • We buy houses in any condition, there is no house that is to ugly. If you owe more on the house than it is worth, we are still interested. We specialize in creating equity out of homes with multiple mortgages, Judgments, Liens of any sort, Bankruptcy, etc. 
  • We have a refinancing program that is based on the equity in your home. This is usually a higher interest loan and is not based on your credit or income.

    For a free phone analysis or to speek to someone now, call (954) 410-2445

    E-mail: jeanne@browardforeclosurehelp.com

    If you would like to receive a free consumer guide, please e mail your mailing address and we will mail it to you immediately.

Find out more information and see if we can meet your needs!